Digital Droplet

Do you want to manage your Cloud infrastucture from your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch?

Your Cloud in your hand

Virtual Datacenter & Infrastructure

You will be able to have your complete Cloud infrastucture in any device. See in a single list all the elements you have created. Check their current status. Create your own servers, firewall policies or load balancers.

Create Servers

Create Droplets and much more

You will be able to create servers in less than a minute. Make some tests, increase the capacity of your platform or protect your infrastucture with advanced firewall rules.

Adapted for iPad

Adapted for Apple Watch


What You Get

Virtual Datacenter

A single list with all your droplets, firewall policies, block storages and snapshots

Manage the infrastructure

Create droplets, firewalls, volumes or snapshots with a few taps.

And much more is coming

Although the application covers the main elements, it will keep growing. 

Get Started!

Application available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

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